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Functional Physique & Performance is founded and owned by Dan Babayan, a Certified Functional Strength Coach in Hamilton, NJ. Coach Dan has a strong background in Athletic Training and Rehabilitative Exercise, having spent time training under Mike Boyle at world-renowned Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Woburn, MA, as well as Eric Cressey at world-renowned Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, MA. He has also worked alongside James MacBeth, PT, at Fresh Start Exercise in Warren, NJ, coordinating functional fitness-based rehabilitation programs for dozens of patients with diverse injury histories. Before establishing FPP in 2016, Dan was the Head Trainer at Powerhouse Gym in Hamilton, NJ, a position which included coaching several elite-level powerlifters.

In addition to working with a wide variety of athletes and rehab clients, Coach Dan also has extensive experience in changing physiques, including having trained under world-renowned fitness coach, author and editor, Adam Bornstein. Long before coaching, however, his journey into fitness began with transforming his own physique.


"Growing up, I was always skinny and undersized, right up through my high school years", Dan says.

"Determined to put size on my frame and make my sports teams, I tried every bodybuilding program I came across as a teenager, all ending with the same results: minimal gains, aching joints, and over-training. It wasn't until much later that I learned the tried and true principles of actual exercise science, basic human physiology, and the power of strength training - that's when my physique really changed."


Almost a decade later, 40 pounds of muscle and hundreds of pounds of strength gained, Dan knows from personal experience what it takes to transform a body.


Most people interested in changing their physique are misled by fitness magazines and 'experts' out to sell a product, what they see on social media, or their favorite fitness competitors. Mainstream media - for one REASON or another - leads consumers to believe that Body-part splits and pumping routines are the way to go- 

not true.

"Performance-training and physique-training are not mutually exclusive events. The fact is, science has overwhelmingly shown us that whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, or anything in-between (aka 'toning'), training for appropriate strength in functional patterns in conjunction with a proper diet is the only PROVEN way to get the body you want. Unless you're genetically gifted and/or using performance-enhancing drugs, the paradoxical truth is that training like an athlete gets you much closer to looking like a fitness competitor than actually training like your favorite fitness competitor will."


If you're interested in performing, looking and feeling your best, fill out the form below or contact Coach Dan at dan.babayan@gmail.com for all inquiries, including personal/small-group training and online coaching.

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